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At Van Lingen, we have spent over five years and tens of thousands of dollars perfecting our computer-aided dispatch system…and we’re still working to make it even better. All of our strategically-located heavy-duty trucks are equipped with GPS, so we know where they are at all times, what direction they are heading, and how fast they are traveling. More importantly, we know how close they are to the accident scene, so when you call to ask when our truck will arrive, instead of telling you “soon” or “shortly”, we’ll tell you “two minutes and 35 seconds”. Over the years, we have evolved into one of the largest, most sophisticated towing & recovery companies in southern California. Our highly trained and friendly drivers are equipped with a fleet of modern tow vehicles to provide safe transportation for any kind of vehicle, from cars to big rigs. In the words of Robert Van Lingen: We set the standard and continue to raise the bar. We’re there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Relationships with Law Enforcement

We have three secure facilities which cater to the needs of law enforcement. Two are in Torrance and one in Inglewood. Each location features a Public Safety Impound Facility that is available to local law enforcement agencies 24-hours a day. Police investigators can bring in the car, access it 24/7 thereafter using their own security code, and use our tools and lifts to examine the vehicle for evidence in a controlled environment. We employ a D-V-R system with over 30 surveillance cameras, to provide a continuous, uninterruptible video record of the entire examination. Our electronic processing system notifies both our management team and local police department as soon as a vehicle is placed into evidence, which helps ensure the chain of evidence is uninterrupted. There are several evidence retention areas on site, as well as a report writing room, allowing police officers to secure evidence and complete their reports.

Education and Training

At Van Lingen, we believe employee education and training is of premier importance. We attend trade shows and conduct training seminars across the country. This keeps us on top of industry trends and allows us to anticipate and develop solutions. We also train with local and county fire departments on vehicle extrication and recovery, creating a partnership that is invaluable to the communities we both serve.

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